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CCTV, access control & Building management system/Automation-BMS

We add vaue to businesses by using technology to perform numerous task.Deploying extra low voltage systems- ELV; such as; access control, Factories and Corporate offices use biometric or RFID time attendance systems to accurately monitor workers arrival and departure times. Access control integrated sytem includes Guard Tour system, Perimeter fencing and GSM alarm system. Businesses and homes deploy CCTV for security and quality assurance monitoring globally. Our cctv installations offers optimum value to our clients as we ensure hassle free, top quality service from design to installation and maintenance. In Communication; we make business meetings so simple, with the introduction of video conferencing; you no longer have to worry to be late for a business meeting. In Building Contruction; Extra low voltages-ELV- installtions; fire alarm, cctv, access control, intercom, etc are designed for safety and comfort in homes and offices. further development of optimum comfort, efficient resource utilisation and safety comes within building management systems BMS -building Automation. In Education, Agriculture, purchasing, our Solar/off Grid Power Solutions is helping to improve productivity. Technology application is endless and that's why it seems we are everywhere and not just cctv & access control integration. Our customer focus and cost effective solutions is what your business requires.
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Importance of efficient and cost effective Power supply can not be over emphasised in today's businesses. No two businesses are identical, so we don't believe the "one size fits all" approach works when it comes to Power requirement. We've tailored our Power solutions offerings to be modular in fashion, so you can mix and match the specific solution that are most suitable for your business. Our Solar/Off Grid Power Solutions are reliable and efficient . Burning diesel is burning money. Talk to us today for an appraisal of your Power requiremet and cost effective solution.READ MORE >>

I.T. : LAN & Wide Area Network

LAN At Vintage we like to do things differently ... but for the better! We started with a simple promise: that we should aim to provide a better service in both ICT Support and extra low voltage ELV offerings- cctv remote Surveillance, access control, building automation-(bms) by utilising our inherent understanding of these industries and by drawing on our extensive experience in Technology deployments and Risk Management.