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Computer Adhoc support.

Computer Adhoc support is on demand support for small businesses who couldn't justify the money they needed to spend on a full IT support contract. Computer Adhoc support contract comes with no lenghty aggrement. It is more of pay as you go. Our Computer Adhoc support is administered by competent and experinced engineers.

Other type of support we offer includes:


On demand, IT support with No Lengthy Contract

computer Support "on tap", as and when required, proved to be an instant hit and we have always taken it as a great compliment when other IT companies introduced similar service.

Who Is Adhoc IT Support Right For?

Computer support contracts aren't right for all businesses and the Adhoc computer support service that Vintage Technologies started is most suited to the smaller end of the market. One-man-bands and businesses with up to 5 PCs configured in a workgroup will probably find they save money by buying support as and when they require it, whereas a business with a server and / or more workstations will mostly decide that it's in their interest to implement Preventive support and to have the peace of mind of an IT support contract.

Adhoc computer support service provided by Vintage Technologies is completed on a 'best endeavours' basis so even if you've never spoken to us before, we can send a consultant to deal with your IT problems straight away. Of course, if you already have the facility for us to gain remote access to your computer network, we can use this method to deal with your problems as quickly as possible.


Vintage Technologies provides labour at an agreed minimum rate of 2 working hours at $100 per hour. Subsequent hours, where required, will be charged at our standard hourly rate (rates are quoted upon request).

Computer Adhoc Support for Your Business

Once a client has agreed that any service provided by Vintage Technologies is completed, the job will be deemed finished and any further briefing will be considered as a new contract, which will be governed by the same terms and conditions. In this way, there is no further obligation by the customer or by Vintage Technologies which makes it the perfect way for smaller businesses to enjoy expert Computer support but without having to invest in the commitment required by a contract, leaving them in absolute control of their budget.


Contact Vintage Technologies for Computer Adhoc Support

If you'd like a quote for an Adhoc Computer support or simply want to find out more about our computer adhoc support services and how we can help you and your business, why not contact Vintage Technologies today? Call us on +234 909 444 6208, or use our support request form or email us now at


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