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The great thing about providing modern IT & ELV support is, we are not limited geographically. We provide IT & ELV support services across Nigeria to various organisations, large and small.

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How our Support services Work in Practice?

Usually, a customer designates a small number of hours that they pre-pay for quarter/yearly. By pre-paying in this way, clients benefit not only from an agreed Service Level (SLA) but also from a reduced hourly rate. This pre-bought support time can be called up any day during the standard support hours. To ensure you have an official record of all support calls made and received, Vintage Technologies will accept support incidents and requests for responses via: Telephone calls to our support number. Telephone support calls to agreed mobile phones, at our discretion or here on our Web based support portal. It's important, however, to follow a defined structure and all support work is therefore completed on a 3-tier basis which works as follows: Level 1 - call is logged and a support number is given out. This represents the initial response period for handling the call. Level 2 - If not instantaneous, a response to the call will be made within the time period stated within the individual contract. Typically, this is usually as within a 4 or 8 working hour period and varies per contract. The response will take a full description of the call and begin the remedial work necessary. Level 3 - Escalation of the support issue will take place where there is no available fix to the problem within the allotted time. Escalation will involve the introduction of a product specialist to the support incident. Level 3 is invoked within the 4 or 8-hour response time, although it does not guarantee a fix within that time. To provide effective Telephone and Remote support, we may require secure remote access facilities to a client site or computer systems. Further details regarding this are explained to customers prior to any contract commencing and, of course, should the business in question be unable to implement these remote access facilities, Vintage Technologies will be happy to provide these facilities at our usual reasonable costs to the customer. We have over 28 years practical experience in designing, implementing and maintaining Computer Networks, and Extra low voltage installations, using trained and qualified Network Systems Engineers.