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Preventive Maintenance

Computer preventive maintenance is needful, going by the popular adage, prevention is better than cure: never has this maxim been more true than when it comes to looking after your computer network and, in particular, Servers.

That's why Vintage Technologies recommend implementing a preventive maintenance regime for mission critical servers to keep them running efficiently and in good health.

Server Preventive Maintenance

Monthly Server preventive maintenance is an excellent way for businesses who do not have an IT administrator on site to ensure not only that Servers are running at optimal performance, but also to spot potential problems before they arise, thereby reducing costly downtime.

Computer Preventive Maintenence:

Typically, Vintage Technologies consultants performs a series of exercises outside of normal office hours, so as to avoid impacting server performance when users are logged 0n. The kind of tasks undertaken are agreed with the client beforehand and usually include the following:-

  • Hard Disk check & Rectification as required
  • Backup system check / Rectification as required
  • Operating System patch check plus installation and Server reboots as necessary
  • Anti Virus software check and status report if relevant
  • Event Log check plus investigation of errors found
  • Completion of further agreed works

When a Server preventive maintenance agreement forms part of a wider IT support contract, Vintage Technologies recommends that one of our consultants attends on site every quarterly and performs additional tasks, such as test restore of the data backup.

Required Time

Usually, 2 hours a month is sufficient to cover the time necessary for effective server preventive maintenance on a single Small Business Server. However, in some cases, we might recommend 3 hours where a Server has not had the benefit of regular housekeeping and maintenance in the past.

Networked PCs preventive Maintenance

As with all computers, Personal Computers (PCs) or Workstations do suffer from a loss of performance if not updated and maintained. Vintage Technologies can instigate a regime of providing regular updates and housekeeping tasks, such as disk checks, anti virus checks and defragmentation on a scheduled basis. If you'd like to implement regular, routine maintenance on your computer network's PCs, we'll be happy to talk to you about your specific requirements.

Computer Hardware Maintenance:

As a general rule of thumb, it's cheaper for end users to cover PC and workstation hardware with the manufacturer's on-site warranty.

Vintage Technologies tends to favour the supply and installation of Hewlett Packard or Dell business workstations for this reason, and recommends purchasing with a
3-year on site warranty in place.

Naturally, in the event of a hardware failure, we still take the headache out of dealing with the manufacturer in question by taking full ownership of the problem until a fix is in place.

Putting Customers First

We decided we'd think from the customers' perspectives, as we'd all had experience as the customer ourselves. And by applying pure change management principles to IT and web projects, we knew we could deliver a better quality of service on time and on budget