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CCTV Security Surveillance


CCTV Surveillance

We provide services tailor made for your organisation needs. Our service starts with a thorough security assessment with specialist advice on digital assisted safety, site safety and crime prevention. An ongoing review is provided by our Trained Security Consultants to ensure that your arrangements are up to date and keep pace with any changing requirements.
Vintage Technologies installs both High Definition Analog(HDCVI) and Hogh Definition I.P. cameras. HD/IP cameras are suitable for pin size precision. HDCVI system has been able to achieve high precision clarity like standard I.P. Cameras. LAN or Remote viewing is achievable both on analog and digital cameras in as much as the cameras are connected to a Digital Video Recorder, most DVR comes with a LAN port that can be configured for LAN/Remote viewing. Suitable for this purpose is DVR with H.264 compression.. However, we recognise that it may be less expensive and more flexible, to connect a camera to your own network, depending on your situation, circumstances and needs and that is the advantage of I.P. Cameras over HDCVI cameras, as at today.

Features of our surveillance system include:

  • Backup video can be retrieved and stored on CD via external/internal DVD/RW
    • Camera can be viewed anywhere in the world via internet by authorised persons.
    • It can be viewed directly from computers on office LAN by authorised personnel
    • The Cameras can be viewed locally via dedicated monitors or Television set or and personal Computers.
    • System has in built camera malfunction alarm
    •  System comes with Day & Night Cameras
    • System comes with Remote control
    • System can be configured for remote storage
    • H.264 Compression Ratio
    • System viewable on mobile devices (phone)
    • System can be integrated to office Alarm system to send alarm to emergency services unit/Police
    • System can send pictures of incident to designated phone numbers or mail box

    Defending the public and public’s infrastructures,with the use of quality equipment that provides an interface to the Police and other Law enforcement agents to view happenings within the scope of concern with incident detection capability is what our securecity system is all about; The system,
    Detect – indicate that something is happening in the field of interest;

    Recognise – determine exactly what is happening;
    Identify – determine who is involved in the activity, and
    Eradicate – prevent crime and improve our Quality of Life.

    Securecity system, deploys IP cameras over bridge radios securely to city control centres.
    The main focus of this system is to effectively cover and monitor all the Public places, utilities, roads and dark spots with in built capability to monitor or place surveillance at any specific place or target within this area of coverage for specific purpose.


    Who Do We Support?

    There are various reasons why we don't like to list the hundreds of companies or high net worth people we 've worked for, but suffice to say we are in the right circle and you're probably familiar with our customers already, ranging from one-man-bands to PLCs as we treat all our clients with the same degree of professionalism, regardless of their size or budget.