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Data Virtual Private Network (VPN) Setup & Support

When you or your staff need to work from home, Or you are looking to connect two or more offices so they can send and / or receive data?

You would need a Virtual Private Network to be set up. For years, Vintage Technologies has been installing secure VPN systems for business, as well as providing the support required to ensure these networks remain secure and reliable.


There are many types of VPN technology and protocols in use currently so which is best for your business depends very much on your needs and your current set up.

Vintage Technologies's technical consultants have over 10 years of experience in setting up and supporting various different types of secure VPNs for business, so are very used to finding precisely the right VPN technology to suit your business requirement


A Virtual Private Network, commonly known as a VPN, is a secure communications connection which is carried over an insecure public network - such as the Internet - but with data securely encrypted to prevent anyone else accessing your private data.

Typically used by homeworkers and telecommuters, VPNs provide an excellent and cost-effective way of accessing an office network. They are usually the cheapest and nowadays certainly the most common way of setting up a private Wide Area Network (WAN), for example between a central office and employees who are either working from home or on the road. A VPN thus allows remote users to connect with the office network securely, with full access to resources like printers and email etc, just as if they were sat at their own desks.

If you imagine the Internet as being like the public road network, being freely available for all to use, a VPN between your home and office would be a bit like having your own secret personal lane on the motorway which no one except designated staff from your company is allowed to use.

When sharing <a href="data-backup-recovery.htm" webstripperwas="data-backup-recovery.htm" title="Data Backup &amp; Recovery">sensitive client data</a> on a network, it is critical that this information is always sent securely. A VPN allows data to be transmitted from point-to-point securely, and even though the connection is made via a public network like the Internet, it cannot be accessed by anyone who is not authorised to use it.

Secure Communication with a Virtual Private Network

Types of VPN
  • L2TP


A VPN is much cheaper to maintain than other methods of secure communication such as a leased line or other forms of Wide Area Network (WAN). This makes it the ideal method for keeping different parts of your business connected in a cost-effective and efficient way.