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Computer Network Health Check

We provide Network engineers to carry out Computer Network Health Check (CNHC). CNHC which is a quick and easy way to find out if your IT department is on top of their game.
Our network engineers would be able to tell you if your server is running optimally and and data is as safe as it needs to be. Our Network Engineers and enterprise consultants are available, even if your network is corporate WAN.

If you're not 100% certain that all your data is being backed up securely, that your network is immune to hacking attacks, that you're not losing email due to spam problems and that all your computers are fully protected from the latest virus and spyware threats, then you might want to consider our Network Health Check service.

And it doesn't matter if you are already using another IT company, whether for sales and / or your IT Support as all the information that we provide to you will be entirely confidential so you alone can decide whether you wish to act on any issues highlighted by the network health check.

What Computer Network Health Check offers

The benefits to you and your business are twofold: The health check will highlight any potential areas of risk and weaknesses before failure occurs and has the chance to save you a major business headache, not to mention financial loss.

For example, we once checked a site and found that the data backup was running on two tapes but that the person responsible was simply pushing in the first back up tape resulting in it being over-written. For over two years, this company had been backing up only a handful of files. Luckily for them we got there in time and now they have a full daily backup every day.

It's easy to see therefore, that a health check will allow us to report any significant findings in the way that your systems are being looked after by your current supplier. So if they're doing a good job for you, we'll be able to tell you so which will give you added peace of mind.

On the other hand, if we find areas that really should have been brought to your attention sooner, such as poorly performing servers, failing backups, out of data anti-virus software, we'll be able to let you know so you can take steps to remedy the situation.


How to start on Health Check

We'll send a trained IT consultant round to your offices to examine your network, talk to you and / or your staff about the IT issues and compile a list of conclusions as to how your network and computer systems are performing.

We'll need about an hour or so of your time to help us gather information. So the worst case scenario is we find nothing wrong, and you lose an hour of your time but gain valuable reassurance and peace of mind that your current IT company is doing a great job.


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