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I.T. Support Contracts.


IT Support Contracts for SMEs need to be flexible and take in to account the needs of the business, the users and, above all, the hardware and software which will require technical support..
Our IT Support Contracts are therefore individually tailored to the specific needs of each individual business. We work for a number of different types of organisations in Lagos, Port harcourt, Abuja, Across Nigeria and West Africa. Typically, such technical support agreements are made up of different service levels but generally are made up of various elements including:-



Technical Support contracts aren't right for all businesses though, and the ad-hoc IT support service that Vintage Technologies started is most suited to the smaller end of the market. One-man-bands and businesses with up to 5 PCs configured in a workgroup will probably find they save money by buying support as and when they require it, whereas a business with a server and 6 or more workstations will probably decide that it's in their interest to implement a Preventive Maintenance regime and to have the peace of mind of an IT support contract with guaranteed levels of service.

Service Level Aggrement

It is a prepaid service, By pre-paying , clients benefit not only from Service Level Aggrement(SLA) but also from a reduced hourly rate. This pre-bought support time can be called up any day during the standard support hours. Iit can be used for administrative tasks too, which simplifies the business of providing effective IT support and management of your computer networks and systems.To ensure you have an official record of all support calls made and received, Vintage Technologies will not accept support calls originating from emails directly to members of staff (unless by prior agreement), or mobile phone to any one not directly related to support, or against our discretionary numbers (as provided), or via the answer-phone service.

Vintage Technologies will accept support incidents and requests for responses via:

  • Telephone calls to an agreed support number.
  • Telephone support calls to agreed mobile phones, at our discretion.
  • Email to our technical Department via the fault log

We are usually able to respond instantaneously to support calls. It's important, however, to follow a defined structure and all support work is therefore completed on a 3 tier basis which works as follows:

  • Level 1 - call is logged and a support number is given out. This represents the initial response period for handling the call.
  • Level 2 - If not instantaneous, a response to the call will be made within the time period stated within the individual contract. Typically, this is usually as within a 4 or 8 working hour period and varies per contract. The response will take a full description of the call, and begin the remedial work necessary.
  • Level 3 - Escalation of the support issue will take place where there is no available fix to the problem within the allotted time. Escalation will involve the introduction of a product specialist to the support incident. Level 3 is invoked within the 4 or 8 hour response time, although it does not guarantee a fix within that time.

Level 3 responses may include a site visit which will also incur travel expenses when over a five mile radius of our Lekki offices.

To provide effective Telephone and Remote support, we may require secure remote access facilities to a client site or computer systems. Further details regarding this are explained to customers prior to any contract commencing and, of course, should the business in question be unable to implement these remote access facilities, Vintage Technologies will be happy to provide these facilities at our usual reasonable costs to the customer.

Rates vary according to the technology involved and what kind of service level agreement (SLA) you are looking for; but all support contracts benefit from reduced rates from our normal Time & Materials hourly charges, If you don't buy enough pre-paid support, you can always supplement with our ad-hoc service which will also be delivered at a preferential rate. In this way, we help you find the right balance between the level of support that you and your business needs, but which in turn suits your budget.

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